The future is smartphone ?!

Hello again,

My mom told me about this article (it’s in dutch) she read this week, it’s quit interesting:

It’s about a Belgian Industrial Engineer from UHasselt who invented an application who could look up diseases in your blood. The only thing you need is a small (not bigger than a USB stick) device that you connect to your phone trough the headset plug. And if you put a little drop of blood or urine on that device it can search for diseases and/or substances. side-note: At this moment it can only trace some substances (like histamine).

But that’s not the point. The most important part of this article is that it point out that we are only at the beginning of a new era. An era where smartphones (or do I need to call them smart devices?) are going to get a real deep impact on the life of us as humans. They are not going to be just a communication tool, or a gadget collector, they are going to be life-determining devices. They are going to be our digital “us”. Our digital life/ passport/ health register/ life controller…

And in some way that’s maybe a good thing: like in this example, it can make a much faster diagnose of your blood. You don’t need to send you blood first to a lab to get it analyzed. It can be immediately checked at your doctors or even at home!
But, and this is something we really need to watch out for, where is the line? And how do we protect our-self from the outside? Because although a lot of these things are handy stuff, but it’s also dangerous that every little detail of our personal, social and in the future maybe medical life and history is going to be on smart devices and thus online. The privacy of a human is going to be absolute zero.  And thus: where is the line? Do we need to sacrifice our privacy for our health? Do weed need to accept that we just can’t have any medical/personal secrets so we could live longer? 

So maybe it’s a good question to you, my readers: where do you draw the line? What is and isn’t acceptable when it comes down to us & our person versus the smart devices getting smarter and better?

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2 thoughts on “The future is smartphone ?!

  1. akshat41 says:

    This brings back the recent security vs. privacy debate. But I would think that people would put health before everything, especially when its a life-threatening situation, don’t you think? And they are not being forced to use it, not like if these things were installed in public toilets:

  2. lorepoelmans says:

    The blood analysis on your smartphone is a good thing for people who has to control their blood many times a week/ a day perhaps. But are your results automatically on line after measurement? It reminds me of the application that is your “running coach” and every time you come back from running this app posts automatically on facebook where, how far and how fast you have been running. I really think that there should be more privacy. Not everyone needs to no everything and certainly not your medical information!

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